The Intrepid Journey of the Jones Family

We are pilgrims on unpaved roads, living creatively, openly, frugally, outrageously to bring peace to the global fringe. 


Our Nomadic adventures since 2009

    Ahhh such wonderful adventures but so many places yet to go

    Exploring the pyramids in Egypt during the Arab Spring

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    Our Family Blog

    The Best Writer Ever!!!

      I’ve never really enjoyed reading much in the past. I never understood why Hannah liked it so much. Now I’m starting to understand. The past year or so Hannah has been trying to get me in to reading. When she finally managed to convince me to read the first Harry Potter book (a few […]

    A Young Adventure-Zoologist’s Fantastic Weekend

    Sometimes you look and see a great time unfolding for your roadschooled/worldschooled child and can’t help smile right down to your soul. Last weekend was such a weekend for TJ. It started by finding some Conservation Zoologists modifying nesting boxes for the small blue penguins while wild camping around the edges of Wellington. TJ took off […]

    TJs 12th Birthday

    Back on the North Island of New Zealand just before TJs 12th birthday.  Lizzy’s flatmates were all gone for the weekend and offered us the run of the flat, thanks guys.  We also got to park the truck just 2 doors down at the Newtown Bowling Club.  Excellent!  You know, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to […]

    Books and Imagination

    When I was younger, when we lived in Orkney, I thought reading was something that could be fun but I never had the time for it because of the boring books my school assigned for me, ones where I’d argue with the teacher about how ‘Jan’ was pronounced because it was a Swiss boy and […]

    Camping at the beach in France

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    Playing with kids at an Aids house Indonesia