Big Road Adventures in the Western U.S.

So, now safely in Oregon. Oh, the sights that we saw.

We were quite well looked after with our full-service pit stop crew.

We were well motivated with our dashboard mascot. Isn’t she photogenic.

We had interesting diversions along the road. We saw lots of cotton harvesting into huge cotton cakes. We felt motivated and went into one of the fields for a bit of an after harvest activity.

We found snow in Colorado!!!! Just a bit. Enough for some artwork

and a very small snowman with spiky hair. I think we shall call him…. spike!

We found a great, interesting C.S.Lewis fan. They are called “Lewisans”. She might help us with our roadschooling english. She has some great ideas.

We also found an American Diner heaven. Like a mirage, an oasis, on the eve of the blizzard. Real people, real food, hotel attached and a quiet, understated celebration of family. As if to state, “It is hard to travel with a family these days. Why wouldn’t we supply a few distractions and some discounts for family?”

ALSO: We got stuck in a blizzard.

We found a unicycle rider going down the other side of the highway closed post-blizzard.

And, the icing on the cake. The prize: Whipped cream on the pumpkin pie. FAMILY!!!

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