Truck shipping in Bremerhaven with Sefco

I just dropped off Maggie at Bremerhaven where the good people at Sefco Export will get her onto a ship. Its not easy entrusting your home to a group of strangers but they have gone the extra mile to help us out.

Bremerhaven is a historic town, where many Germans boarded ships for other lands. There are some good museums here but I didn’t really have time to go.


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It is a good habit to check whether the company is offering you the shipping services at an affordable cost? Have a look at the company website and view the customer’s feedback and ratings. This will help you in determining what services the company is offering so that you can choose which company suits you for your shipment. Personally, I love to suggest All state to state auto transport for auto transport.

I am in the middle of booking a shipment via air with Sefco, after I gave them the deposit for the shipment no one has returned my calls/emails, did they follow through with your move? I have not been able to get much info on them, so far it seems to be a nightmare transaction, hoping to hear back from them soon. Let me know if you had a good experience with this shipper, I’m getting worried. thank you

Hi. We havent stopped traveling but sometimes our blogging is a bit sporadic. We found that we needed a base to return to and since we lost our visa for UK, we choose New Zealand. The truck will be here for a while to be refitted for further travel and we have just fixed up a yurt to live in. Thanks for asking.

My wife and I have followed you guys for years. You are an inspiration to both of us. We live everyday like its an adventure and have been inspired by your families lifestyle. Why did you stop traveling and what are you doing now?

Missing your posts. Will you stop writing now you are not traveling anymore? Would be a shame. I like to stay updated… (I’ve been following you for a long time already.)

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