Django Embarks!

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After 2 1/2 years in the bicycle friendly, foodie city of Portland, Oregon I am finally embarking on new adventures and bringing others along for the ride! So here’s what we’ve been up to;

Scott joined me from Oklahoma, we bought a 1992 Jeep Cherokee (named Django) and have been fixing it up, embracing the gypsy chic as much as possible. With Scott’s new found skills via Youtube he’s done a full tune up, oil change, replaced the tyres, and various other tasks. Finally it is time to hit the road! We also picked up a new friend – Paige- who will be hitching with us to San Francisco and then taking a week long bike tour back to Colorado. Yay! The more the merrier.


Two couchsurfers stayed with us while we were in Portland, they were originally going to be with us for one night but instead they stayed for a month. In that time they bought a vintage Mercedes (Jas Queen) running on vegetable oil, were given a tent, and we all made plans to convoy together across America.

Now we have joined the couchsurfers, Andrew, Hannah, and TJ in San Francisco. We will be heading out soon to continue our road trip!


  1. We love you guys! Hope you are well and enjoying your travels. <3

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