Belgium – catching up

In Belgium on our way to Antwerp Liz practising her sax while staying at another Stellplatz (Legal, free camping)


We met the band, “the Dump Brothers”. They had their rehearsal outside our truck and taught Liz one of their songs and let her join in for the rehearsal. Way to go Lizzie after only 2 weeks of playing she is in a band.


More hanging out with the “Dump brothers” (and sister). TJ loved Charlie the baby.


Dump brothers (Oly and Saar) and friends outside their off grid house. Palo, the wild hungarian, showing Andrew how to make gulash.

We introduced smores to them.


We found some scrap wood that looked like shields so we painted them.

The pool and a low tech wave machine.

Everybody wanted a haircut just like Hannah’s haircut. Me and Paulo obliged.

Oly says they should try to look tough for the photo.

Saying goodbye before we go our separate ways.

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hello hello
how is the travelling family doing? hope you’re all healthy and well. how are the adventures? we already miss you and would love to meet again. Charlie is allready crawling now, and she’s fast!!! its a pitty my oldtimer macintosjmachine can’t handlle this site, i can ‘t see the pictures…boehoe
i wonder if you sent our cellphone? cause we didn’t receive it … and we really need it, cause that’s the number bookers call for gigs…
hope you read this soon. seezjaleeter!!!
la familia

I was there when the second picture was taken!!! But I’m not on it 🙁

I hope to see you all back here in antwerp one day

peace & love


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