Getting ready to leave “the Farm”

As we are getting ready to leave John and Sues farm we look back on the unexpected, amazing times of the last week. We had use of an amazing barn the whole week. FULL of sofas and overstuffed chairs. an oven and lots of dishes for lots of people.


Some of the young ladies that came to this nite said it was the best nite EVER for them


Food, food and food. That is what happens when everyone contributes to a feast.


John and Sue provided fresh fruit and ice cream. mmmmmm. the kids were at the front of the line.


Got some great photos of Greg. But not one of them with hands that were not moving around adding emphasis to really exciting things. pettam.jpg

Beautiful Tamsin. Our long time friend. Wow has it really been 9 years since our families first met.


Sue and Ian. New friends.


Lots of room in the barn for playing organizing games.


Lots of floorspace to get a whole team working on paperwork. Look at our bookeeping team at work. Abi working on an XL document, TJ setting up the scanner and Hannah converting Euros, GBP and CZK into USD.


I am not sure what actually happened here. I think the group of Jones and Carters kids drew the story of their friendship on Liz’s arms.pethand.jpg

and hand.


Andrew had some brief moments off the computer to just sit around and look Cool.


And sometimes….. uuuuh….. not quite so cool. He is making an attempt to look like a rapper here.

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Dear Jonesberries – we so loved having you at the farm – especially as you were almost the last people to inhabit the barn – it’s now been completely cleaned out – ready to be let out for storage! Ah, the joys and sorrows of diversification. But I’m sure the incense of your presence will linger in the beams and stone walls….

Lots of love,

I am just so glad that we met at Greenbelt for really getting to know one another and you are in my prayers and thoughts and memories. Entire family of Jones. Every single person found a spacial place in my heart.
I truly miss you and am fooling forward to meet again .
it’s really cool to see this pics and read the story how are you doing, great blog btw.

and one question! Has anybody found my jacket that i left in your track?
that would be so good to know it is with you as this was a gift from my mom.
let me know.

love you

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