A snapshot. in the Algarve

The rain and wind swirled around us all night. The sun came out this morning. I was so happy I ran around taking pictures of everyone. Ever feel like doing that? Capturing a moment? A snapshot.


Gee, what a surprise. Lizzy is in the truck playing the sax. She is jamming to beatles songs. She has been enjoying doing this so much lately that she has numb lips at the end of each day.


Abi and TJ are cooking flapjacks in the house. MMMMM it smells great.


Hannah learned how to crochet yesterday. She slept with it last night and woke up crocheting this morning.


Dang, those boys are still sleeping in their tent.


I am rushing around taking photos of unsuspecting people.


Andrew is on his computer putting the world to rights and comforting friends.

How is this moment for you?


Flapjacks are done. Edna came in to share a coffee.

Another moment.

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