Pilgrim Photos

Just finished 2nd day of walking. More than halfway through. Really tired but thot I would put up a few quick photos.

A photo of most of the pilgrims.

Uh, yes, why that is a volkeswagon on the top of our “Blister Bus”. This bus used to be a family home and is mid-conversion to a coffee shop.

Some very energetic teenage walkers on day 2. Hannah and Abi in the middle.

Our mini-pilgrims taking a break in the top of the “Blister Bus”. Don’t worry Grandma and Nana. We only let them up there when the bus is stationary.

That is it for now. I am SOOOOOO tired.

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Debbie, great getting to hang out with some of you Jonesberries. hope to connect with you all again, along with the above commenter. grateful for the stories. say hello to God’s country for me. you know, TX.

tyler & helen

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