A Family Friendly Motorhome

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Most RV’s cater for a retired couple and their dog. We, on the other hand, are a family of 7 including Mum, her 6 foot 6 inch husband who needs a custom bed (that’s me) and five kids who all need beds and a place to stash their stuff. And who wants to travel around the world in an RV unless they can bring their own bike?

Already you can see that most RV’s are woefully insufficient. Not big enough. Not strong enough. Not fun enough.

We were fortunate to find a big, strong, 4×4 truck with an empty box awaiting our design. It was a lot of work but the kids are happy with the result.

These are the 5 best modifications we made to our RV to make it family friendly:

1. An outdoor kitchen. Our main kitchen is located in a big steel container outside the RV with a hinged door. Huge gas burners for some serious flamage and big pots to cook for the kids and their friends. Plenty of space outside for everyone to cook and eat.



3. Storage boxes underneath the truck to store the inflatable kayak, tennis rackets, extra tents, art supplies, etc.




What’s a family-friendly RV without a slide coming down from the roof?

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