New Zealand

Leaving New Zealand

jonesberriesAfter a few wonderful years in New Zealand we have departed.  We boarded our truck onto a container ship bound for Europe and we make our way back to Europe through the U.S.A. We should reunite with our truck in December.  Realizing that the one thing about having a stationary ‘home’ is that you miss it.  Badly.  Dang, didn’t see that one coming.  Good-bye New Zealand.  Good-bye lovely anarchist friends.  See you in a few years when we come to visit or sooner if you come to visit us.

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Sad to hear you have departed the shores of Aotearoa, but also exciting!….I would really love to connect with you guys and korero so drop me an email when you get a chance – light and love and protection, prosperity and joy be with you always!!

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