A new look for our blog

So our days are numbered for electricity and internet and 2 working computers. Oh yes, our mobile lifestyle may have an affect on We are trying to make this less of a problem. Among other changes we have done a restyle. We had alot of fun with our new theme. With the last theme we had to hack into the HTML to make changes but with this theme it is alot easier to add personality. They seem to actually encourage it. We hope to also make it easier to blog or tweet or give a shout or whatever from the road.

So, Andrew is quite pleased as the new look is looking alot more minimal. The truth is me and Abi are looking at this as kinda like moving into a new house (or truck). White walls just screaming out, “GIVE ME PERSONALITY!” Ahem. Yes. We have already done alot of changes. Do you like abi’s chocolate brown text? (did you also see we snuk in some bright pink posing as almost red?). Well, our blog is on a journey just like us, heh.


  • Jess on December 28, 2009

    I love it! I love the look (and, yes I like the chocolate text) and I enjoy reading everyone’s personality come through in their writing.
    Miss and love you guys, Merry Christmas

  • tk on December 1, 2009

    awww i love and miss you guys~~~ everytime the seasons shift, i feel y’all. i def love and appreciate this blog– the diff voices, esp you and abi.

    with you all in spirit….
    xxtk ^ ^