Around the Wedding by Derek

The “Family Band” picking up Derek at the airport. Performed a very amateur production of “In the Jungle”.


“Just returned from Sir Samuel and Lady Jenna Jones’ wedding in New Zealand! Some weddings have a frame already set up for the couple. This one required everyone to become, then build the circus. An organ was needed by a river, a marque must be erected, a pig killed and cooked, red carpet (which was in the Hobit!) to be gathered, along with hundreds of paper flowers and theater lights, there were hot springs to be sat in and mount Doom to be seen, fish to be caught, wedding gowns to be hand made, tattoos to be inked etc–in short this was no small production, and this is no small story these two grand performers have set out on together! As I sift through this multicolored collage of an event, i will start with some of the smaller side stories along the way towards the main event. Photos of the actual wedding will be sent to Samuel and Jenna Jones for their filtering pleasure! Thanks guys may the games continue! For the show must go on! Bravely have you entered upon this new world, and richly may you both be blessed! One of the most generous weddings ever-it just keeps giving life! To make a wedding, first you need an organ, and a lot of other instruments, a lot of ridiculously special and talented people, many types of costumes, mystical landscapes, a very long truck, a family and love.”

The photos on this post are through his eyes