Arriving in New Zealand

Well, we made it to New Zealand.

Still trying to figure out the whole internet thing. Will try to send this out at the library today.

We now have a 7 seater van that has been loaned to us for the duration of our stay. I have heard about the New Zealand hospitality and generosity but this is amazing.

We stopped off at “Candyland” on the way back with the car.

We are staying in Orewa, at Pat Turner’s farm.

We have pitched our tents in her garden for sleeping in. Pat welcomes us to sleep in the house, and I know it is silly but we want to try out our tents.  I think she might think we are a bit crazy but, well, we have rarely been accused of being normal.

Been visiting a lot of Andrew’s old friends and family of old friends and hearing lots of stories of silliness and “who is doing what”.


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  • deanna on January 19, 2011

    OK – I will do it. You’re kind of normal.=) At least now that I know you. So glad you made it to NZ – miss you! Stay safe!! Have a fun adventure!!!