At the Tapu Te Ranga Marae

We are parked up at the amazing urban Marae Tapu te Ranga, a creation of Bruce Stewart and friends who built it out of recycled materials in the 1970’s. The Marae, which can accommodate 300 people, sits on 24 hectares of land given by the Sisters of Compassion next door that is being restored to its pre-human state.

It’s an amazing place and Bruce is a living legend. He is still working tirelessly 16 hours a day not only on running the Marae and its humanitarian interests but also looking into new projects to bring housing and environmental restoration to the land he loves.

At the Ngatiawa monastery, we were recently presented with a painting of the Tape te Ranga Marae by Sir Michael Fowler by Merlene, who has now lived at both places. We are looking for a way to reciprocate the gift.

More about Bruce here.