We made it to Australia! Sorry took so long to post but I had to wrestle Andrew away from our only living computer long enough to get my photos and write this post : ) I do hope you appreciate all the trials and tribulations I go through for you.

Well, the journey has been long but we did make it in time for Andrew’s mum’s 70th birthday celebration. Yippee!

How happy does Andrew’s mum look. Actually she and Sarah are looking like they have just been posing for a photo shoot as upscale models. Lisa and Andrew seem to be sensible bookends to all the silliness.

Time for the Jones side of the family. Another motley crew that we gladly claim as relatives.

Some highlights of our time in Australia so far.

We were picked up by a large hairy man. Appropriately, he goes by the name “Fuzz” . They have a house completely full of items deemed necessary for big parties. I mean, why have one BBQ when you can have 2 and feed twice as many people. They even have a huge table that fuzz has made extensions for because a sit down meal for 20 just isn’t as much fun as one for 50, or 60, or more. You gotta love that logic.

We played tourists for the day. Took a “Rivecat” (waterbus) to…….

the Sydney Opera House, of course. I mean some tourist things you just gotta do.

Grandad Brian took the kids for a walk in the local cemetary, as you do, and look who they found.

He had friends. Apparently wild kangaroos come in to the cemetary because there is water and green grass to eat.

We have been staying with old friends, Graham and Fleur Blick. They are the much loved parents of Maggie, Cindy and Jules who we have been bumping into all over the world. Graham is here feeding TJs hunger for all things of nature. She is the family expert now.



  • Kayla on May 5, 2011

    it was great having you at cheers camp this year can’t wait to see you again
    lots of love
    Gill and Kayla

  • admin on April 13, 2011

    I think my favourite. Our western culture is way too quick to cast aside the wisdom and experience of age.

  • joanna on April 12, 2011

    A great picture of home-scooling in action there with TJ and Graham