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Avocado Shakes

Whilst staying At the mechaniques we found a patiserie across the street that sold fantastic avocado milk shakes, here is the rough recipe, 1 avocado take the pit out and skin off 1 table spoon of sugar about 4 almonds milk (not quite sure how much but roughly as much as you need to fill […]

Hannah’s Birthday

  Today was Hannah’s 12th birthday. It was a day filled with joy, happiness and drifting with tasty smells of chicken and banana cake. The Jones family tradition consists of the birthday person getting to choose the food that they want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. Hannah chose English Breakfast, tuna sandwiches, banana and chocolate […]

The pigtastic village

While we were in the Berlin Zoo I saw a small village in the corner of the petting zoo. This village was piggy central. It even had a piggy church. It had little houses that lined up one by one. With little, little piggies walking around everywhere being cute. One decided to kneel down for […]