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Liz’s Toilet Terrors in France and Spain

When I asked about the toilets, Hannah not only told me where they were but gave me other advise too. She told me to push the red button to lock the door, which I did confidently. I tried the door again and sure enough it was locked. Just as a smirk of satisfaction crossed my face a sudden, the lights went off and an extremely loud sound made me jump and reach for the door like that was all I could depend on to keep me safe. But it was no use, the water just kept shooting out, soaking the bottom of my jeans and making me feel so scared that the fact that it was only water shooting out at me seemed to have escaped my frozen with fright brain. I pulled and pulled at the door desperately and continuously accomplishing nothing, for it had locked just like i’d hoped it would  3 minutes ago.

Eventually it stopped and when it did I stood there shaking out of control as if someone had just put a knife to my throat. Why I felt like that is beyond me, perhaps I should keep off the adventure books for a while. the lesson from this is very similar to others: “Don’t push the red button” or you may find yourself in the bathroom as it vigerously self cleans itself.

I considered my lesson learned. Or so I thought…


Another country, another terrifying self cleaning experience. This time I had an audience. As I banged on the door and screamed for help Mum, Dad, Abi, Hannah, TJ, Sam and Donald all watched, laughing! Unable to do anything else.”HELP!” I screamed. “Push the red button” mum said back, but she couldn’t be heard above the chaos.

I came out shaking and told my second story (as you can see in the picture above) as everyone failed to hold in all the giggles they had left. Why does it always happen to me? I asked myself as you’d probably expect I would. Is it some kind of curse or am I just too stupid to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Or do the toilets have it out for me…


Dream Sax

Through the long journey and all the struggles I finally got myself my dream instrument…THE SAXOPHONE!!! As soon as I got it I started practicing. I went to a creek and sat down on the steps next to it. The small tunnel which was next to me caused the sound I was making on my saxophone to echo. Above me people would walk on the bridge, their footsteps (even if they were louder then my saxophone) I would never hear as all I cared about for the time being was my sax. Some people would lean over railing and look down on me. An old couple that did that also said something to me in German (which I could not understand). I did get one word which was “Wonderful”.

Now I look back on the time when I never would have dreamed I would get my amazing instrument. I try to think about all I went through, all the people who put in money and of course my love for it every time I pick it up to practice on it.



Panda love


I saw a panda in the zoo and was suddenly overwhelmed by an urge to hug him. He was so cute!!!! images started to pop up in my head of me living with my panda buddy in a bamboo house and eat bamboo all day. then we’ll wake up the next day, pick more bamboo, and on it will go…

A weird thing to think about yes… but what better thing, animal or person could you hug. Who knows, I might even write a story about it someday.




Energetic models

The large, intimidating light shone on me and Klara. It marked the photo shoot commencing. Beth held up her Large Camera and my mum held up her inferior one to capture the moment. Before we new it we were crowded with kids posing in very interesting and funny ways. We all even got out an umbrella out.

Derek and Sasha saw what we were doing, copied it and ofcourse, took it too extremes. Liz


Food Spain

The ultimate vending machine

When I saw it I thought ‘It couldn’t be’. As we all gazed at in confusion it all became clear. Yes, this was a HUGE vending machine where you can buy large waters, chocolate multi-packs and other things you find at a store a. This was the second time in my life that I went absolutely crazy about a vending machine. I know, pathetik isn’t it. It’s just one of those new technology devises that I just haven’t managed to fully get used to.

So as me, Sam, Abi and Mum gazed at the vending machine in absolute amazement as the oreos got pulled off the self and taken to the other side, these feelings of it all being ridiculous was running through my head.

Try to imagen the tension we were all feeling as you watch our ‘home movie’.