Bachs, bands and livestock

Been having a great time in New Zealand.

Great to have Lizzy back with us and playing the saxophone for us.

Even the neighbours, at Pat’s farm, were in rapt attention. Yes these are horses, staring for more than half an hour at Lizzy’s expert saxophone playing.

Went to “the big dig” in Orewa. Apparently Andrew was at the first one when he was a kid, way back in the dark ages, 1971. Here is a writer for the local paper taking a photo after getting the story.

Lots of people have a beach bach. These are traditionally small, not up to code, holiday homes, made of asbestos and put up in the 50s. We went to one up north and had a great time off to ourselves. We have been offered a few more baches and will probably go to another one in about a week in the Coromandel.

We celebrated Lizzy’s birthday. In true Jones fashion we celebrated it not as a day but as a series of events that normally cannot be contained in one day. The birthday not being fulfilled until the birthday person feels truly special in many ways.

TJ spent some quality time with some bizarre sheep. We passed them up and thought we were imagining them. Over the years we have acquired the skill of stopping the car and turning around to behold the amazing and or beautiful. Not sure if sheep sprayed with beet juice is amazing or beautiful but definitely worth taking a second look.

A big treat was going to the house that Andrew’s Great Grandfather built. Got to have our once every 20 year tour of the house by the new owners. Andrew remembers taking lots of family photos on the front steps. Asked if he could do the same with his girls. I think Andrew is having a great time taking his girls down memory lane, listening to lots of old stories and being known for so long. Shame Sam isn’t with us.

Hanging with the “Alaska” band here in Hamilton. We are staying with Megan and it is her daughter’s band. They were rehearsing here tonight. I really like their sound. Abi and Lizzy went to see them tonight but the rest of us will wait to see them at the festival. Birthday party here tonight as well. Need to go and pack up now. Early tomorrow morning we will pack up our tents and be off to the Parachute festival.

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