So here we are going home for Thanksgiving. What do we see? A Blizzard. Seriously! The blizzard is coming in, they have closed the roads!. We are checked into a hotel in beautiful Ogden, Utah. Turn on the weather channel and they are talking about our blizzard with lovely Ogden smack in the center. Heck they are showing little movies of the Blizzard in Ogden. We are just trying to get to my parents house in Salem, Oregon in time for the Thanksgiving meal. Not sure. I better get in touch with my sister to see what time they are eating the meal. Seeming more and more like it will be down to the minute.


  • deanna on November 24, 2010

    Yum! Somehow I knew you would not allow a good snow to go to waste!! Enjoy, then have a wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday with your family. Always an adventure with the Jones’!=)

  • admin on November 24, 2010

    we are having a great time. lots of snow has been thrown, consumed, made into angels and snowmen. Kids are now in trying to dry their coats and shoes to go back out again. Time for some hot chocolate.

  • deanna on November 24, 2010

    Did we not have a heartfelt discussion about the many implements that can be used for sledding? such as hotel/cafeteria food trays? OK – maybe not… but do have fun and be very careful in that snow. Better to make it to your family safely! I wonder why God wants you in Ogden?….xoxo