Busing from NYC to Washington D.C.

Here we are in NYC. At the “Borders” next to Penn Station. We are waiting here bags and people piled high in a lump against one of the ceiling to floor windows waiting for our “Bolt” bus that leaves in little over an hour across the street. We did not get the van we were hoping to get so we are busing it. It seems that people won’t sell us their cheap cars if they know we are planning on driving it across the states with our kids. I am thinking now that we will be doing some bizarre combination with walking, busing, catching lifts with friends and occasionally renting a car. It will keep us on our toes and from collecting too much. We plan on sending schoolbooks and other treasures back to friends in Prague when we accumulate to much. We have had a great time in New York.

Mauricio was kind enough to drive us from their home in Poughkeepsie to “Radical Living” in Brooklyn.

Here I am at the crepe breakfast talking again. Do you recognize the guy in the middle. It is Sasa! from Prague! Dang, that guy sure gets around.

We had a great couple of days with my brother, Eric, and his lovely, and VERY pregnant wife, Jenny. They both live and work in NYC. They work in advertising. Jenny works on the Maybelline account (note advert behind Jenny).

Went to central park. My kids chose playing on the rocks instead of the very large and impressive playpark.

Took off to our buses with fellow nomad, Becky. She is in the blue and carrying all her earthly possessions. She is a writer and has no home but what she carries with her and where she lays her head at night.

I think one of my favourite things about NYC was seeing all the different cultures rubbing shoulders with each other.  Lots of Jews with ringlets and furry cakes on top of their heads. Lots and lots of beautiful colours and dress codes. Small armies of kids in matching clothes. Girls in long black skirts racing around the park on bicycles.

All in all a great time in NYC.

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  • lynne on October 21, 2010

    Hello fellow traveler! found you from Families on the road. Love the stories!!!