So, we went to the market on Saturday. Samuel says, “I want to learn to cook squid, well, maybe octopus”. As this is not a typical request to get from a teenage boy we decided to oblige and Sam picked out his octopus, had the man de-ink it and carried it home. Edna coached Sam […]

Donald’s Birthday

We celebrated Donald’s 18th birthday. He got some manly gifts, since he is a man now. As part of our family tradition he got to choose all the food for the day. We have never had such a detailed birthday menu. The best was his choice for a cake. He chose chocolate fondue. The little […]

Picking Olives with Barbara

Well, here we are back with Barbara and picking olives this time. Some were more energetic than others at getting every single olive. Sam and Donald decided to even use a small trampoline to help. Barbara asked that they just dont tell the neighbours about this new technique as they already think all these foreigners […]

Back in Britain

We decided to hang out in Britain for a while. Andy and T let us stay at their place and made us “Andy’s Puddle Pudding” and showed us how to make it. We found a great campground outside of Walton on the Thames. It is a membership only site for the “Camping and Caravanning Club”. […]

Farmers stand in France

I tell you I love roadside farmers stands. On our way to see friends in Grenoble, France, Andrew stopped so I could get some rasberries to share with our friend. Things always taste better from a farmer’s stand. Mum

Cooking with Merci

Merci taught me to make Dahl today. It was cool. I liked making it. Here is the recipe for Dahl by Merci. Lentils 2 onions, chopped 2 tomatoes, chopped 2 green chilies, chopped 3 tablespoons fresh coriander pinch of mustard seeds pinch of white lentils a few curry leaves 2 cloves of garlic salt lemon […]

The ultimate vending machine

When I saw it I thought ‘It couldn’t be’. As we all gazed at in confusion it all became clear. Yes, this was a HUGE vending machine where you can buy large waters, chocolate multi-packs and other things you find at a store a. This was the second time in my life that I went […]

Custard Factory

Dad thought we needed a day in Lisbon. He dragged the whole family around the city. He had an agenda. His agenda was the Custard factory. See how happy dad is.