Excuses or Opportunities

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the side of the truck. It was 6:15 and Lizzy wanted to go for a run. She carefully considered an alternate route, donned her raincoat and climbed out the door. Moments later Abi woke up to do her morning yoga. She chose Lizzy’s bed (has […]

My Dad’s Old Ties

I am up early this morning. It is day 2 after the funeral. My brother flew out yesterday and left a nice row of ties on the washing machine. Perfectly sorted, lined up and secured in place with some black duct tape. Another use for duct tape. I set up my mom’s sewing machine and […]

Remembering my Dad

Today started with a ride around the lake with my sister, Pam. We were both awake early. Even after my 25 hour journey from Prague to Portland. The boat ride was short so that we could work on photos of my dad and make a playlist some old gospel tunes. ‘How great thou art’, ‘ […]

We are the Jones family

We are pilgrims on unpaved roads living creatively openly frugally outrageously to bring lasting peace and friendship to the global fringe. We are the Jones family: Andrew, Debbie, Lizzie, Abi, Hannah, TJ and Sam.

20 Mistakes

Mistakes – we have made a few. Here are some of our most memorable ones over the last couple of years: 1. While learning to use our GPS we followed its directions into the middle of an ancient Portuguese town on Easter Sunday, at the same time that all the old people were coming out […]


Spending time with a fellow nurse these days. Not only is she a nurse but she works in “homecare”. She works with the dying elderly and I used to work with dying children, both in the home. When you have something like that in common it frequently flavours the conversation. There are places you can […]

The Power of Listening to a Story

Thinking alot about helping and being and doing. I want to help people out of the depth of who I am not just the superficiality of what I can do. Especially if what I do has its main value in helping me feel better about myself. Going to Christchurch after the earthquake was quite a […]

Service, Love and Imperfection

Getting ready to leave another friends house today. Well, their “bach” (holiday home) actually. We have been away from our truck since mid September. We have been staying with alot of friends, new and old, since we left our truck so very, very long ago. We are here at the bach by ourselves right now. […]

Dancing Skeleton’s at the Christmas Table

It is early Christmas morning. I am the only one awake. We have been having such a great time with my family. The month has just raced by. You know, we haven’t gone back home for Christmas in America for 10 years. The last time the kids have been back was about 5 years ago. […]

Some Thoughts about fear

I have been thinking a lot lately but unable to formulate my thoughts into any flowing paragraph or post but my thoughts are hounding me, asking for a place to sit. Here is such a place. A place for my random thoughts. Some require something of me but I am not sure what. Others simply […]