Let Us Be

The morning sun is streaming into the truck. TJs new friend, Jet, is knocking at the door. I open the door and look out. It is time to get up. Inigo went on a slow meandering walk with a little girl, her dad and her dog. They live in the truck just up from ours […]

Being counted with the poor

We have been hanging with economically poor people for our whole teen and adult lives. I went on many orphanages and dumps to visit people when I lived in Southern California. I chose a nursing school on the East side of LA that staffed a hospital that took care of the poor. I remember cleaning […]

Powered by Wings

You know, ever since we went to SLOT Festival in Poland the first time, we just can’t seem to avoid it. We have now been 4 times in a row. We weren’t even planning on going this year until about a week before. We all love it. There are workshops on everything from black-smithing swords […]

To wild camp or not to wild camp? Morocco

We are SUCH slow learners but we are finally starting to catch on. We continue to have bad experiences at traditional campgrounds. We normally meet some nice people but looking back, the fact is that we are weird and getting weirder is making it harder and harder to stay at normal campgrounds. These are our […]

Dressing like a Woman in Morocco

Andrew was reading a book online that included bits about the changing role of women in the western world. I woke up this morning with my mind spinning with observations and questions from my time in Morocco so far. Unfortunately, not many answers but hey if we spend our lives rushing to answers we shortchange […]

A response to Pippa

Thought I would post my response to Pippa’s nice email as they are really good questions. ” would like to ask if you would add some information to your blog about how and why you decided to travel. Did you own a home and work jobs previously? Is it hard to travel between countries? Visas […]


We are just outside Guilmim in Morocco. We are borrowing a “dongle” for internet. We have not managed to buy our own. Always ” a day late or a dollar short” as my mom used to always say. They just seem to be waiting for some more every place we go to. Anyways. Saw a […]

Our incredibly shrinking family…or is it

So, lost another post to the trials of Ecto. You see I have sort of a love hate relationship with Ecto. Anyway, not much lost just my moaning mum stuff as 2 of my kids fly the nest in the same week. The night before the flight to London the nearby river overflowed and took the […]

Health in Morocco

After all our fears of bad health in Africa and we have been doing OK. We have all been taking turns with stomach aches and diarrhea but not to serious. We ar’e in banana beach so eating alot of bananas helps out. Skin problems. Abi got a bad burn on her hand before we arrived […]

Mums Tattoo

  Well, I finally did it. After over 12 years of talking about it I finally got my tattoo. Paulo worked on it for 2 hours. It did hurt – alot. He would still like to do some more colour. But, this is the one I have been imagining all those years. It is the […]