Happy 2010! Here’s to a bog free year and olive oil

Had a great New Years eve celebration at Paulo and Edna’s house. We have taken our minds off the difficulties of the last week. We had no vehicle for days as Serge’s car broke, days later Paulo and Edna’s van broke, days later we arrived in our truck and after picking up Petr from the […]

A little family motorhome history

Reminiscing this morning. Here is a little of our bizarre family motorhome history. Sorry no old pictures to give you, only the ones you will create in your mind. 1 – 1985 – Me and Andrew met on a ship going around Central and South America. We were 2 people among 130 from 30+ countries. […]

getting ready for Morocco

So, here we are, still in the Algarve and still loving it. In the space around getting ready for Rock on Christmas we are getting ready for Morocco. We will leave days after Rock on Christmas. So, we started thinking. It seems like it is possible that the roads could be a little worse in […]

Preparing for Rock on Christmas

We arrived in south Portugal and are preparing for a rock festival to be held here in a month’ s time .It will be called Rock on Christmas and it will rock. I will be the VJ. Unfortunately, we don’t have a location just yet but Denny Hurst, the festival organizer, is working hard on […]

Beautiful Homes and Gardens

I found myself at an english magazine stand. A rare opportunity in my life. I had the urge to pour myself into a bit of brain dead entertainment. I went from section to section with no satisfaction. I found myself in the home improvement section. I used to like this bit but now they have […]

Fixing up Maggie, getting up to date

Finally putting together some of our photos of fixing up Maggie. Here’s some that start from when we bought Maggie in November,2008. We think she has come a long way to become our home on wheels. We found her at a farm a couple of islands over from ours in Orkney. Doug went with his […]