No we didn't fall off the end of the world. We are in Serbia and having a great time. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

Big REVAMP weekend

Nothing to do with the bats we saw in Transylvania but rather with the fact that this weekend Hannah (who is now 15) is working with me (Andrew) to REVAMP the Jonesberries blog. We plan to get rid of the 3 year old theme and install a new one that is more responsive to mobile […]


Just thot I would let you know that I have updated our “About” page. I have put up bits of info about our kids and teenagers. Havent got anything up for me and Andrew yet but will hopefully get the time before we become “internet challenged” again.

Getting blog

We just started this blog called Jonesberries. Its for our family – the Joneses – who are traveling in a motorhome not very different from the Thornburys cartoon on TV. It should be a good place for the whole family to let the world know whats going on with us.