Wild Camping in Turkey

There seems to be two places to wild camp in Turkey: the beach and the forest. We went to the forest and found a sweet little spot for the evening. Really beautiful. And quiet.

We Love Turkey

We love Turkey. What can we say. Other travelers have told us how Turkey leaves them with a sense of awe. How much they love Turkey. Well, we have joined the club. We raced to Turkey to have some great experiences with Sam before he left us, once again, to go to New Zealand and […]

Roadschooling with Multiple Currencies

A regular part of our travels is sorting through left over coins. Try as we might to spend all the currency before we leave a country either by putting it into the tank, exchanging it at the border or (the kid’s favourite) spending it on special foods.   We always seem to find extra coins […]

Istanbul and “For Bator or For Yurts”

So, On our third attempt to go to Turkey we are finally made it. We are in Istanbul with a fridge that needs mending in East Istanbul days before Sam’s flight from Istanbul to New Zealand. After hearing Istanbul driving horror stories we parked our truck at a campground about 2 hours away to store […]