Washing Clothes on the Road

Oh, I have tried it all. At one time I had a large tub with a lid on it full of laundry and soapy water sloshing back and forth to the movement of the truck while we drove. Problem was we had to make many more toilet stops with this method. You see I don’t […]

How do we manage with young kids?

Traveling around the world is great but its even better if you can bring your kids along. A lot of people, like Mona who just sent me an email, see it as too much of a challenge to travel with young kids. Now granted our kids are no longer young. Our youngest is 11 but […]

Getting a haircut in Portugal

Portugal really is one of our favourite countries. Silves is one of those old, historic, windy-narrow-cobblestone-roads kind of city that makes a great experience. One of my fondest memories is getting my haircut as my Christmas gift. We were really broke but we all had 5 Euros each to get a present.My present was an […]

Wild Winds

It all started when we were watching Doctor Who series 1 disc 3 and episode 3 and 4 (a double episode) the empty child and the doctor dances. We first noticed the storm when the truck started to rock and mum looked outside and the tent was slowly going down. She called dad to come […]

Keeping food cold – off grid

We have been Finally getting some work done on the truck.  You know, trying again to take care of the essentials. We figure why not giving keeping food cool or cold another shot.  I am happy to say that we have made strides in this area.  As you know, we have chosen to live off […]

Up in an apple tree

I don’t want to climb up the apple tree. I am TOO OLD! I am older than the others. I am also more aware of my mortality. I don’t want to think about how long my bones would take to heal at my age. OK, So maybe I am not THAT OLD. But I am […]

Around the Wedding by Derek

The “Family Band” picking up Derek at the airport. Performed a very amateur production of “In the Jungle”. “Just returned from Sir Samuel and Lady Jenna Jones’ wedding in New Zealand! Some weddings have a frame already set up for the couple. This one required everyone to become, then build the circus. An organ was […]

Hawkes Bay

Its apple picking season so we are at Hawkes Bay getting jobs for the people in our crew. Time to make a little bit of money. We are staying with Jack and Lynne in Taradale, near Napier, who has a carpet cleaning business.