We have now left Czech Republic and are in Chemnitz, Germany. We have been greeted in, what we have determined to be, classic German hospitality. It is just over the top. We arrive to put our truck in a large shed where Mirko has gathered a team of efficient German welders and mechanics have been gathering supplies and do the work. On the agenda are some mechanical repairs, waterproofing the roof, new tyres, etc. After one look at our bicycles they were promptly added to the list.

We have a choice of 2 places to stay. We stayed the first nite in an idyllic little fairytale cottage on the edge of town and a room in town with food, washing machines and a kids program. We are being pampered German

Andrew is trying desperately to be more German by simply being on-time
but is sadly failing miserably, despite his best attempts. I think he
might have become a bit more “hippy” over the last year. Our adventures
are transforming us and I think it depends on where or who you are to
determine if you think it is better or not.
As me and the girls have had some time to hang out while Andrew works in the warehouse me and the girls have been exploring. Among our favourite places in Chemnitz are the Eiscafe. Dare we say that this place has our favourite ice cream so far. I know, I know, we ARE in Germany and this ice cream is the absolute best. I had “chili/chocolate” and my mouth was numb from the real chillies. Abi had “Pina Colada” and had real chunks of pineapple and coconut. TJ had raspberry and it still had raspberry seeds in it and the sour taste of the actual fruit. We found this place after making a major wrong turn on the bus and the kids say it was definately worth it.

Another favourite was our free tour from the nice man at the salt grotto around the corner from where we are staying. Sure, it is man made but what an effort. Locals come in to take care of health problems of the respiratory system and skin problems. Himalayan salt stone walls. Salt steam. One relaxing 45 minute session, complete with mood music, a couple of times a week is supposed to cure what ails you. There is even a special kids session everyday at 3pm.  The kids didn’t want to leave and really liked the sweeties at the front desk. These sweeties had no sugar of any sort (not even fake sugar). Just himalayan salt and herbs.

The Chemnitz claim to fame is the giant Karl Marx statue still in the centre of town. I was told I couldn’t miss it. Uuuuuhhhh, we missed it. Honestly couldn’t find it. Apparently this town was called Karl Marx town during communism and they are quite proud of their giant statue.


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  • tina nord on August 2, 2010

    Love escafe and especially chile/choco