Christchurch and back again

We have been in Christchurch 3 times now. The first 2 times were about a week ago. Trying to find ways to help. We would go in for the day talking to people but would leave at night because there was no place for us to stay. There are too few skilled people helping but for normal outsiders like us… seems we haven’t been needed. People are slowly cleaning up. I think the act of the cleaning up is helping them process what has happened. How their beloved city is forever altered. 2/3 of the heart of the city is destroyed. The military guard the entrances to it. Roads have become an overland adventure. In the eastern side it seems impossible to get a single eyeful without noticing part of the destruction.


We are now staying in a house with friends of friends. All is fine in the house except the crumbling wall that was the chimney, the propped up car port and the broken water main in front of the house that prohibits “water on tap”. Frequent aftershocks are constant reminders.

Looking at the destruction it is incredible to believe that many, many more haven’t died.

The worst damage, right now, seems to be in people’s hearts. Kinda reminds me of the part in the Lord of the rings where the young Rohiran says ” Do not dare to hope, it is forbidden here”.

Many have left the city for good, in search of a home far away from any fault line.

The neighbouring town of Oxford will have a free fair for Christchurch residents in about a week. They will bus them in and give them free fun and food.

I think we would like to have a pizza party.