I tried to wake up every morning by 7 so I can turn on the pump. The water comes into this neighborhood 3 times a day. The first is from 7 to 8. Once I had eyes to see I noticed the water coming down the outside walls of our 4 story cement building and dripped off the front awning of the small shop below every time the water came on.  I also noticed a symphony of water pumps at the appropriate times each day. This sound added the baseline rhythm to the Ice-cream-van-like music coming from the trash truck and the rhythmic shouts of the fruit vender. indiashopindiaroads Later in the day men and women free themselves from the chaos with a rest. They don’t seem to care where.

We had a great week in Delhi. Spending time with new and old friends, roaming the streets, hanging with monkeys,indiamonkeyspriscindia


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