Dinner and a Movie

Went to Mathias and Carrie’s house for dinner. Tan made a Vietnamese 4 course banquet. Our friends, the Mudrick’s were there and other new friends. The house was full of happy kids and dogs. We got to meet  Steve and Oddny Gumaer. They started a group that puts teams in the jungles of Burma to help people who are running from the military. Yea, you read that right. Pretty harsh stuff that we have never heard of before. The military runs the country and when they want oil or anything else valuable on the land a village is at they just take it. Well, they don’t just take it, they burn the villages, chase and kill the inhabitants. They have done this to thousands of villages. These aren’t some minority group in their country it is just normal villagers. Steve and Oddny told the story of a nine year old girl whose village was attacked and showed us a short movie. Steve and Oddny’s group put teams of people in the jungles to provide safe havens for people to run to and get help. They even have doctors on their teams.  I tell you, I had no idea this was going on.