Driving through Spain

Back in Spain. We love the familiar site of the Huge black cow billboards dotting the country. Not sure why they are there.


At one point on the long drive Andrew points out a Trapist Monastery on the Left side of the road at the same time I pointed out a small chocolate shop on the right of the road called “Trapa”. WHAT? TRAPIST CHOCOLATE! BUT THEY MAKE SOME OF THE BEST BEER IN THE WORLD! Now Andrew is not prone to Uturns but he made an exception. Everybody got out. It was GREAT chocolate and we do love our chocolate.


While traveling I always encourage the kids to try new tastes and experiences. Last time in Spain I was out with Liz and Abi and saw a sign for Churros in a window. We didnt know what they were but decided to give it a go. Liz did not forget the experience and coming through Spain again she found them again.