Earthquake in Turkey

Turkey has just experience a huge earthquake. 7.2. A thousand people feared dead. Maybe more.

(Photo: Reuters/Abdurrahman Antakyali/Anadolu Agency)

We are 1000kms from the earthquake and did not feel anything. Far enough from the earthquake to be unaffected but close enough to drive there and assist the rescue efforts.

I have a friend named Ismael who is contacting the Red Crescent today to see if our family can help out. We have a strong truck and could easily transport cans of food, blankets, tents or water. The main road out of Vans is destroyed but I think our 4×4 overlander, with its high clearance, could make it through.

Once I hear from the Red Crescent what the needs are and how we could help, I will post something here.

QUITE POSSIBLY, I might need some volunteers to come. You would fly to Antalya tomorrow and we will take 2.5 days to drive there. We might need money for diesel and food and whatever supplies are needed. Will let you know soon.