A week in the South of Spain

So here we are, a week into our time in El Moreon, Spain. Just down river from the Beneficio Family. We were supposed to leave on Thursday but one of our start-up batteries decided to announce it’s retirement from active duty. As things seem to go, our truck was surrounded by mechanics at the moment of truth and they jumped to action. So, here we are, 4 days later, expecting the delivery of 2 new batteries. One of our old batteries is already in place, ready to start our 12 volt solar bank. Our dead battery gets left behind to go to Danny, the guy who runs the health food store in town and loves to bring new use to dead batteries.

How did we use our week, you may ask.

We adopted a puppy from our mechanic. An El Moreon/Beneficio mutt. Named him Inigo. He has also been traveling since the day he was born. Poor thing, he has already had is first vaccine. He pooped all over the table at the vet he was so scared. We have a schedule of more vaccines and stuff. He now has is temporary passport and is ready to travel with the family.

We hiked up along the river to Beneficio. It takes long legg Andrew an hour for this hike each way. Took us 2 hours plus but oh the wonders we saw along the way. Including lots of sunbathing lizards and a smushed snake on the road. TJ wanted to take the dead snake back with us to watch the decaying process on a daily basis. Uh, yeah, I know, wierd. We decided against this as we live in a very confined space.

Some of us took a shower in a waterfall.

We filled up our waterbottles from the source of our river. The river we have been hiking next to and crossing over and dipping into all week. How great to hike to the source of the river.

Ever think about where your river comes from? It could very well be something magical and beautiful like we found. Ours comes from a spring of water tripping over a rock on the edge of a transparent pool of spine tingling icy cold water.

Some of us went in. Who? You guessed it. Abi, Alana and Hannah.

Hung out with a friend from the “Hippie Van” in Morocco, Chris, at the tipi he is living in.

Andrew and Alana and Abi hiked up to Franchesca’s straw bale house that she is making.

Franchesca and her friend have been making a mixture of mud and cactus goo and it was now ready to go on some walls.Abi and Alana, worked on, uhhh, helped with, uhhhh. They threw some mud around and some made it onto the walls.

Me and Andrew did a Tango workshop. Swiss tango instructors who live in their truck with their 3 young boys. They have a geodesic dome that they have removed the cover of for repair.  We entered the dome frame thru double wooden doors. Their part monkey son with the long blonde hair spent most of the time swinging from one bar to another over our heads as we learned how to listen to nonverbal cues and respond to each other as we move around the dance floor in random intentionality. Most definitely a surreal experience.

We have bought some amazing wholemeal, or integrated, bread from some of the most interesting international bakers we have ever met.

We also sampled and learned how to make chocolate desserts that are raw and vegan. They are made with raw chocolate and no sugar. Avocados for creaminess, dates and bananas and Agave syrup for sweetness, buckwheat and seeds for crunch. Very rich and gooey and yummmmmy.

Abigail got some recipes and the ingredients to add to her collection as well as a couple of “funky raw” magazines.

Yes, Maureen, that is your daughter – COOKING. Actually she has been cooking lots of wonderful things for us. Don’t ever let her try to convince you she can’t cook again.

We have also been hanging out with our new friends. Will and Kie and their girls, Albi and Ziz are our neighbours. Hannah, the book geek, is hanging with Albi, a fellow book geek and plan to do a book exchange – if they can stop playing for long enough. Will is building his mechanic’s workshop into the back of their horsebox. They also open up cafes outside of their truck. Just a few tables and chairs and a homemade sign and the healthy, tasty treasures that come out of their little, kitchen.

Another family is finishing fitting out the back of their truck to take off to the some festivals in UK and Berlin, including the worldpeace festival. They do amazing, creative sessions and installations with oversized puppets and flowers.

Andrew helped produce a CD and his group of gifted musicians.

We really like it but figure it is time to go…. possibly…. this evening…. or maybe…. tomorrow morning….. or…. ?

You know, it is all so relaxed here.


  • admin on September 14, 2010

    the kids loved it. there are a couple of babies at beneficio but we saw no older kids. the older kids and bigger families seem to be mostly in el moreon. we had such a great time. made some great new friends. saw old ones. some really, really interesting families deciding to live a different style of life. have fun when you go.

  • isobel on September 13, 2010

    Wow Thanks so much for posting your travel diary with photos. I went to El moreon and Beneficio a few years back and was wondering whether to come back with my new baby daughter and partner. U have really inspired me to be brave and go for it. The children love it right!

  • Bryerthorn on May 17, 2010

    The puppy is really cute.

    Thank you for posting your journey here, pictures and all. It’s provided a visual and a specific connection when I talk to my oldest son about geography and living / traveling cross-culturally. He’s already fascinated by geography and cultures and the different ways in which people accomplish basic and complex tasks, and live their lives together day to day. Jem and I are doing all that we can to encourage these interests in him. We look forward to the day we can return to the road, this time with both of our sons.

    Joy and every blessing as you travel,