Excuses or Opportunities

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the side of the truck. It was 6:15 and Lizzy wanted to go for a run. She carefully considered an alternate route, donned her raincoat and climbed out the door. Moments later Abi woke up to do her morning yoga. She chose Lizzy’s bed (has more headroom than her own) instead of the roof of the truck before beginning her sun salutations.

I thought about my plans for the day. Good thing we got our shopping done yesterday. Lizzy is midway through her 12 week art course that required a week of fasting from movies or reading. Since we live in a single room we joined her for the movie fasting. She breaks her fast today. A rainy day is a great day for watching a movie, or two. I could use the excuse of a rainy day for avoiding doing the laundry.  Well, I could use the opportunity to wash my clothes in fresh rainwater instead of creek water but the clothes wouldn’t dry outside. I could also assemble and try out my new collapsible drying rack.

Thinking about rainy days. Of choosing an opportunity rather than an excuse in a less than desirable situation.

Like an outdoor picnic in the rain

Taking a canoe grocery shopping when the road is too dangerous.

Finding old friends on the way back from the emergency room.

Creating a-mini paradise in the middle of a pile of discarded tyres while waiting for truck repairs.

Creating a new path where the old one is broken.

Realizing that some of our best family memories are when we are confronted with difficulties that encourage excuses and find the opportunities instead.