Fes and the Rumi connection

Fes is amazing. A lot less stressful than Marrakesh. For one thing there are no motorcycles in the narrow lanes.

Only donkey trains, which. of coarse, bring other things to look out for. Nothing that can’t be scraped of the bottom of the shoe. We parked in a parking lot that we found out about at the back entrance near a graveyard. Going in the back entrance to the medina had benefits as we came straight into the workshops instead of the tourist shops.

Alana continued her photographic exploration of ‘strange places to find cats in Morocco.’

When Andrew drove us into Fes with great enthusiasm and gusto. “This is my kind of city”, he would exclaim. He would then tell us, again, about Rumi and the Sufi mystics and the connections with with muslim and christianity that he has been reading huge amounts about since Portugal. “Let’s go find a sufi mystic tomb!” The kids were not sure if this was their idea of a great time until TJ found out this is where his BONES were. “Can I see them?” “Will they let me touch them?” You see TJ is really into bones and her single greatest discovery in Fes is the donkey skull to add to her ever increasing bone collection. Anyway, back to the quest.

We saw the die baths on the way, Oh yeah. Did you know how they make leather so soft here? Pidgeon poop – they like to call it “droppings” but we all know what droppings are, heh.

So back to the quest. It was an Andrew paced pilgrimage through Fes ending with a trek up a hill to a small building in the middle of a graveyard in the heat of the day. Yup, exciting. For Andrew it was. It was like he had given birth. He was now ready to head on. Sadly, we feel our time in Morocco coming to an end as we get closer and closer to the ferry city of Tanger.


  • Sam on May 1, 2010

    Abi has dreadlocks?!?!

    • admin on May 3, 2010

      Dude! I was trying to hide this for a bit. Editing Abi out of photos for a week. Missed this one. She wants to surprise Isaac. Don’t tell Isaac!