French Aire number 2


Our next French Aire was a parking lot right on a beautiful beach that was next to a small village at the very southwest of France. The boys had a friend to meet and dad could do admin. He had to be creative but it was possible. There was electricity for the truck and access internet in the village with his ipod. Unfortunately his laptop computer cord is still MIA but he got lots of essential things done. The man in the picture above was doing his thing as we arrived. Yes, it is a man sitting in a kite riding the wind. He went back and forth on the current for much longer than we felt like watching.


This is the Aire with cold Hannah coming back from the beach. There are over a hundred spaces at this Aire, electricity, a bread van comes around every morning and we met some great people.


Sam and Donald going swimming even on the coldest days.


It rained for 2 days of our time at the beach. Some people say we have a rain blessing. The only rain here for months and we bring it. I wouldnt quite call it a blessing. hmmmm.


No this is not one of us. There was a big, NOISY college party over the weekend next door to us. The party included lots of ketchup and flour, camels and bungie jumping. Hannah really wanted to do some bungie jumping but we had the great excuse of IT IS A COLLEGE PARTY AND YOU”RE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO GO TO COLLEGE.


Hannah politely asked this boy for a picture. Yes, it is what it looks like. This boy rode round and round the parking lot with his dog riding right in front of him with paws on the handlebars.


One of our neighbours was this really nice French lady named Gizelle. Abi had just finished her first crochet project. A hat made of cut up old t-shirts. Gizelle showed us some mini hats that she had crocheted. They were so detailed and precise. AND guess what they are made of. You will never believe it. Carrier bags. You know, the ones they try to give you from every shop you go to and you get duped into taking them because you are too lame to remember your eco-friendly ones. Oh yeah, and the guilt is so bad you just cant seem to throw them away, thinking about those poor little turtles that eat them and DIE. So anyways, Gizelle has found and answer to those drawers and drawers of carrier bags. make them into hats.


Or egg cup holders.


She showed me how.