Gabi’s Budapest

Arrived in Budapest. Hanging with our friend Gabi. We LOVE Gabi.

She gave us  the “Gabi Tour” of Budapest which includes all the best Jewish sites and history. We paused at the entrance to the Synagogue entrance where the 60,000 Jews were gathered before being sent to Auschwitz. We walked thru the streets that were the Jewish ghetto.

Gazed at the metallic willow tree whose metal leaves contained the names of 60,000 Jews that died in the holocaust. We ate traditional Budapest sweet-cakes in a very old bakery in the Jewish quarter.

We saw the building where the very progressive Jewish house-group meets

and the very cool “drawing clubs” they go to afterwards. Why are they called drawing clubs? Here is a hint.

Hannah  was the family photographer for this trip and here are some other very important things of essential Budapest must-sees.We love getting tours from friends that show us what they love about their city. Learning why they love their city. What makes their hearts beat faster. This was no exception.