Greece – take 1

So, we were now ready for another attempt to go into Macedonia but we had to go the long way around and try to get into Greece first.

Greece was so easy to get into.  The man looks into the front of the truck and sees all these faces looking, including the dog who was trying his hardest to look human, as he peers over the driver’s seat. The man chuckles and says “family!” We go right through. I love going into countries that love big families.

We drove through some mountainous, green, wooded roads for a place to stop and – nothing. Finally, after about a half an hour we found a couple of restaurants.

This ended up being quite a surreal experience. Me and Andrew went in to get a drink and ask permission to park for the night. We walk in to find 3 stoic greeks clad in black. Each person was sitting at a separate table. They were intently watching an old movie about Greece from America with Greek subtitles. After our drink. Andrew was paying and asking permission to park. I was looking around in social fashion. I saw a birdcage and thought I would go see the pretty bird. The bird was laying down dead in the bottom of the cage with its legs curled up underneath. OK, weird.

The next morning Inigo had a good play with the local dogs while Andrew got a coffee. Unfortunately they did not see fit to start up the coffee machine. Andrew had what the locals were having – Nescafe with sweetened condensed milk. We drove on. After 3 days of being together we left Will at the biggest crossroads we could find in Greece. We headed, once again, for the Macedonian border.  As I was not sure if the family would make it across the border I was checking out places in Greece to stay out while Andrew was at his meetings in Macedonia.