Hanging in Spain and Geocaching success

So to catch up or should I also say “Cache” up. He, he, he.

We went out the next day to try again. We looked at the comments and looked for one that everyone found that tried. and……


So we touched into Portugal and Paulo and Edna came down to see us at Monte Gordo. Paulo found a little Chameleon.We named him Fred and put him in a comfy tree after giving him lots of cuddles.

We got a new football as our old one went astray in Morocco. Of course, we had to test it, so we put our best footie player on the job.

We went to find some friends in the Beneficio Family in the South of Spain. We could not stay at Beneficio because a landslide last winter blocked the road in but we found the most amazing collection of communities of traveller folk, gypsies and circus people from all around the world at the other end of the valley.

Trucks and geodesic domes, yurts and tiny stone homes everywhere, with lots of kids to play with. We are not seeing much of our kids these last few days as they now have many friends to keep them occupied. Many people have just left to “do the festivals” but enough remain to make some good friends.