Hannah’s Birthday


Today was Hannah’s 12th birthday. It was a day filled with joy, happiness and drifting with tasty smells of chicken and banana cake. The Jones family tradition consists of the birthday person getting to choose the food that they want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. Hannah chose English Breakfast, tuna sandwiches, banana and chocolate milkshakes, Lemon and Thyme chicken, passionfruit Sumol and Banana cake with chocolate fudge frosting. What she didnt ask for is the special candles that kept relighting themselves. She got lots of great gifts including a nano, rain poncho, a very cool bag that Edna made, and a plastic teaset from Paulo that the boys were also enjoying.

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  • Melanie on January 15, 2010

    Happy Birthday Hannah. I met you very briefly with your Dad at Greenbelt in the contributors area this year, but you won’t remember. Anyway, I remember you and I wish you many wonderful blessings this year as you travel and explore the world with your family. Much Love, Melanie from Ireland