Health in Morocco

After all our fears of bad health in Africa and we have been doing OK. We have all been taking turns with stomach aches and diarrhea but not to serious. We ar’e in banana beach so eating alot of bananas helps out. Skin problems. Abi got a bad burn on her hand before we arrived in Morocco so we were very careful to keep it clean. A Moroccan man kept putting flower pollen goop on it which was greaas well.

The problem I am having is with people outside our family. We are hanging around alot of full time travellers. European young people mostly. What great people, loving and giving. They are not living out hedonist dreams but wanderlust mixed in with missions of global peace. Quite beautiful. They love natural medicine. They live simply and are normally broke.

However, here is the problem. Youve got this young man who has walked his feet bloody because of bad shoes or no shoes. He pees on his foot faithfully every morning to disinfect it, I have heard this is actually quite good. The problem is that he continues to walk around barefoot with an open wound and soak it in water full of special south Moroccan bacteria. Staph infection. He gives his infection to 10 others. They are all at least a 4 hour walk from a doctor.

So, where do you go when your foot swells up like a football? Mom. Since I have grey hair and alot of kids they come to me. I actually love helping people out with this. Hey, isnt this why I went to nursing school?

In the short time I have been here I have seen some of the worst wounds of my life. I know my first aid kit is fine for a family but is sorely inadequate for this many people with bad infections. I have already given away my emergency antibiotics to a wonderful french father with an old burn that was causing his whole leg to swell up and no money for medicine. I gave him the antibiotics and asked him to take them to the pharmacist to see if they were right for the job. The pharmacist said they were the best for his infection and are not available in Morocco. He is very grateful and getting better but I now have no antibiotics.

Helping out all these people with infected wounds is actually a bit selfish too. Staph infections spread to other travellers and to my family. Aggressive little bacteria that can jump into a little mosquito bite on a leg and cause a disfiguring scar or amputation.

Sorry for my rant. I was trained as a nurse so I can help with early problems but people are coming to me too late, way too late, when amputation is on the tip of their tongues. I feel quite ill prepared for this. Is there a place for extra training and alot of supplies? Do I need extra training or just more confidence? I dunno.

I feel better. Thanks for listening.

Sorry, no pictures with this post. Honestly now, would you want pictures!?!?


  • Cathryn Thomas on February 27, 2010

    Hey my dear……. Cat here….. wow i can relate…. doing some wound care at the hospital where i’m working… and yeah, yucky stuff. One of the most powerful “natural” antibiotics is TEA TREE oil………… works as a anti-viral as well…. which is pretty amazing.
    Lavender Oil works great on cuts, burns and wounds as well. Foot stuff, if you can get some of those two oils…… boil water, let it cool a bit, but still keep it hot enough to increase blood flow and permeability- and add 15 – 20 drops of each ….. foot soak. It’s pretty amazing stuff. Love you guys and praying.

  • Diane on February 14, 2010

    I have been following your blog for a while and enjoy reading about your adventures. You are much braver than I. The health side of everything would be very scary to me also.

  • Donita Buff on February 13, 2010

    You are a remarkable person to help these people. I understand your concerns. How long are you all going to be in Morocco? Please keep us updated on things there.