Is Blogger Blocked in Morocco??

Hello – what’s going on?? I find it curious that blogspot, the world’s leading blog provider, cannot be accessed in Morocco right now. Can someone explain? Is there a censorship thing happening? A few of us here are having the same problem. I am using a Maroc Telecom USB stick – the same company that blocked youtube a few years ago. Have they blocked and all the Blogspot blogs? Hope not. Google seems really slow so we are all using Yahoo.

Also, the Best of Morocco Blog Awards (BOMBies) and the Maroc Blog Awards are a good place to find blogs and vote on them. [Oops – voting is closed now, sorry] Blog of the Year award in 2009 went to Robin Des Blogs. HT: Global Voices

Speaking of blogging, its good to see the blogging world is alive and well in Morocco. The Association of Moroccan Bloggers was formed last year – read it in English here and there are already 500 members. Estimates of Moroccan bloggers suggest about 30,000 Arab language blogs, according to Said Benjebli, and quite a few French language blogs as well. As for English language blogs in Morocco, I havent found many but my favourite is Calabamuse, who uses wordpress rather than blogspot so his blog can be picked up from Morocco.

Also check out Eatbees and The View From Fez, although the last one is a blogspot blog so I cant access it. Maybe next week?

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