Kutna Hora

Uh, yeah. This is what you think it is. We are soooo strange when we turn tourist for a day. We used to live here in Czech Republic before so we knew what Kutna Hora was. With TJs bone fascination we couldn’t just drive past the bone church without dropping in.

We got in the short line behind the two punk girls with blue and purple dreads.

Hannah is getting more used to bones. Having spent hours preparing with the “Bone Scan Bob” IPod application she had the “geek attraction” to Kutna Hora. Spouting out the scientific name of all the bones. Pondering the joins and holes in the skulls. Noting that the chandelier had at least one of every bone in the body.

TJ, well, TJ was in awe. She had never seen such an amazing site in her whole life. From the skull and crossbones at the top of the steeple to the very last skull inside.

I think her special favourite was the skull with the sweetie next to it.

Abi wasn’t as excited about the bones but loved the car that matched her jacket out front. She decided to have a go at “sexy model standing next to the car poses”.