Last days in Istanbul

Family is now in a couple of different places. It all happened quite quickly as the tickets weren’t booked until the crew came back from Van.

Andrew is going through Egypt. He is taking Natasha back to her dad. Lizzy and Abi went with dad for the sheer friendship and fun of it.

Not to be competitive or anything but Debbie, Priscilla, Hannah and TJ found a route taking  us through Delhi. So we elongated our layover in Delhi to a week.

I can’t speak for the Egypt group but the Delhi group is doing great. We tried out in Istanbul and had some great adventures with our new couchsurfing friends. We got to hang with people from Turkey, U.S.A., Belgium, Canada and Japan. We also had a few turkish foods that needed to be enjoyed before we left Turkey. Like Kumpiri (baked potato with attitude) and Waffle topped with – as my momma used to say, “the Lord only knows what”.istpriscwaffleisttjham

On the 17th of November we will rendezvous in Bali, Indonesia where we will be meeting friends, and making new ones. We are going to see what mischief they are getting themselves into.

On the 11th of December we go to New Zealand which we are trying to make into our home base to travel out from. So far we have a a son, a storm damaged yurt and some friends with farms to park it on. Not too bad huh.