Last few weeks in the USA

The last few weeks in the US have been a whirlwind. Here are some of our pics and memories. We had a great New Years eve at the Crowne Plaza south of San Francisco. What a great time. We have always seen the balloons dropping on people’s heads at the stroke of midnight but never had the full dropping balloon experience. We were there as guests of the owners family – how cool is that. Felt like real posh people if it wasn’t for our clothes. People really decked out for this thing and well…. dang…. I don’t have anything that fancy. Actually… I have never owned anything that fancy… except my wedding dress, maybe. So, I think we did pretty good except for the fact that my top was a t-shirt and Lizzy was sporting bright coloured converse trainers with her dress.

It was difficult leaving the San Francisco area. We have so many dear friends in the area. You know those type of friends that give you warm fuzzy feelings and sometimes tears well up in your eyes from the pure joy

and honour of having rubbed shoulders with them. Hard to leave the area. Time is short now, in the states. Seeming really way to short. I want to linger longer with friends who hold my heart.

On to southern California. On the way down we found Elephant Seals. How great is that! Hundreds of them laying in great big rock-like lumps on the beach. My kids especially enjoyed the exhuberant, almost continuous, belching. Gotta love it. Even me and Andrew had a bit of a giggle.

I thought we all needed to see some more seals hehehe (abi put the picture in). 


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