Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy, we got to Lizzy. We love Lizzy. We miss Lizzy. We found Lizzy! We found Lizzy in Tomball, Texas.

Yeah, I know why would Lizzy be in Tomball, Texas. The very good reason is Jessica. We Love Jessica and Lizzy came to Tomball to be with Jessica.

Lizzy is here going to Lone-Star College and working at Walgreens.

Jessica and Lizzy took us to see the more Jones side of Houston.

We went to an art museum.

Actually the “Artcar” museum.

Showing many beautiful works of art.

I think the car art scared Andrew a bit. Thinking what I might want to do to our car or truck. Poor Andrew.

We also went to “Chocolate Bar”. Being somewhat sensible I got a beautiful chocolate milk. TJ, being more cheeky than sensible got jellybeans. Half of them were delicious flavours, like berryblue and chocolate pudding.

Half of them were not delicious, like rotten egg and bugger. The problem is you don’t know which is which until you commit.

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  • tina nord on November 8, 2010

    So good to hear you made it to Texas and Lizzie! I’m getting lonesome for my girls n Gkids too. Everyone sends their love!