Maggie in New Zealand

We are thrilled to have our dear truck in New Zealand. It’s quite possibly the only Magirus Deutz truck in the country. Its been an amazing trip from North Africa, through Europe, into the Asian continent, and now here in NZ. Our next step will be to ship it to Cape Town and drive up through Africa back to Morroco and beyond. But we will be doing some modifications to the truck before then: Bigger windows with animal proof bars, a winch, and some better seals and interior touches. But the most important is to get NZ plates. We currently have UK plates and most people assume we are English. We want to represent New Zealand as a New Zealand family who are traveling the world. And the truck needs to be part of that.

You can see the NZTA and custom inspection stickers on the truck. Yes, it passed inspection!!!! Now to get it legal for road use.

You might be interested to know that we were contacted earlier this year by a TV company that makes shows for MTV. They were putting something together on families on the road and asked us to submit some video to see if we might be part of the show. I took a little video of our family and the truck. Not sure if we will make the final cut or not. Lets see.

A guy named Mike came to see us a few days ago and recognized the type of truck immediately. He had traveled through North Africa also and even stayed at some of the same communities in Europe as we did.

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  • renee @ FIMBY on June 26, 2012

    For what it’s worth I might actually watch TV if your family was on it!