New? toy on my camera

Just found this stop action setting on my camera. Sounds like the cameras that are on the movies when someone is snapping fast photos of a flashy model in a model shoot. Thought I would try it out on Abi. I would be feeling quite clever if it just wasn’t for the fact that I have owned the camera for over a year.


  • Debbie on April 15, 2010

    actually I edit the photos to make them long and slim. I just really like the shape. For the banner images I normally put in my own preset dimensions and move around the photo until I like what I see. Kinda reminds me of art school. Way back in the dark ages when I was in a low budget community college taking art we would cut out a cardboard frame and move it around our painting taking strange chunks out. From then on I was hooked on taking bizarre chunks out of paintings and photos to give a different part of the story. Btw I just have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-F56 that I got in Portugal. It is small and I put a funky hand sewn cover on it so when I whip it out, with the strange handmade cover dangling from the camera, and feel like I dont look so touristy or rich. Thanks for helping me feel like a real photographer

  • jen mick on April 14, 2010

    Hey Debbie, I love that your camera takes really different proportion photos – I love the really long slim ones – what make is it?
    Loving reading your blog & seeing what y’all up to!
    Love from Texas
    Jen xx