Nice Days with no Crisis in Morocco

A more normal day yesterday.

Abi was in a baking mood and made fresh bread, lemon cake and banana bread. All of our collapsable stove-top coleman stove. Oh yeah, I like it when Abi gets in a baking mood.

TJ lost her second tooth and is unsuccessfully practicing her sssss sound.

Abi woke up in a cheeky mood and is showing off her 10 stitches during her dressing change.

And the new dressing is in place.

Had a great time with our old friends from the rainbow gathering that we found in Guilmim the day before.


The time was great but way too short time together before they took off to hitch to Mauritania and Senegal.

We were hoping to go with them but have decided to start going north at this time. We have heard that we need a Carnet de Passage to go further house because our truck is too old. I think we need to get to work on a Carnet so we can go next time.

After they left Andrew got some work on greasing up the wheels and steering. A messy job with lots of gooey grease.